Your Event in Mallorca

10 reasons for an event on Mallorca

  1. Diversity: Mallorca unites many landscapes in a small area, so that for everyone the most beautiful is within easy reach, without having to travel much. Blue sea, long beaches and rocky cliffs, pastures and groves with country lanes, green, wide hills or high mountains with viewpoints and plateaus.
  2. Sports in Mallorca: Many possibilities for events, both celebrations and sports, are open to the visitor. Because on Mallorca there are providers for all areas, in all areas: Hiking, cycling, sailing, boating, buggy or quad tours, playing golf and much more.
  3. Wellness offers and peace: The fresh sea breeze, the Spanish peace and calmness and the isolation of many meeting places are ideal conditions for Wellness attendance or Massagen. Here you can escape any stress.
  4. Tourism, interculturalism and tradition: tourism is of course an important economic sector in Mallorca. However, the centres for tourism are still located in a limited area. The largest part of the island is still an authentically native, lovable Mallorca, where you can meet in harmony with the native living but residents of all nations.
  5. Mallorca culinary experience: The variety of food on offer, which is both continental, characterized by relatively short delivery routes, but also includes many delicious Mallorcan specialties, which, produced on the island, are offered at the widespread markets or in local restaurants. These markets are also part of Mallorca’s colourful culture, which is a fine blend of history, tourism and both indigenous and immigrant rural and urban life.
  6. Excellent infrastructure: As a small island with a large airport and good connections to all corners of the island, the longest travel route to the airport is probably always in your own country. Thanks to regular flights to Mallorca, the travel time remains quite short. This is especially interesting for companies planning incentives and employee events whose participants can be scattered all over the country.
  7. Our know-how since 20 years: If you want to plan and organize an event on Mallorca with us, you will profit from our extensive know-how on the island. We are used to negotiating with the local suppliers and know every corner of the island, so that we can put together a truly perfect event for you with our experience.
  8. Locations on Mallorca: Many events take place on Mallorca because the landscape is so incredibly beautiful and varied. In order to enjoy nature to the full, events can be held on large outdoor areas. Mallorca is here with over 300 sunny days in the year a particularly grateful place for events.
  9. Weather on Mallorca, the sun island: If no outdoor event can take place in other countries due to frost and cold, this often still does not apply to Mallorca. Even in winter there can be sunny days with up to 20 degrees, but mostly at least 10-15 degrees. Don’t let let this keep you from a trip in the winter months, but come to us for it, for example the popular almond blossom on Mallorca in February!
  10. Pure relaxation on Mallorca: There are not for nothing prejudices about the Spanish cosiness. But here we talk about peace, serenity and enjoying life. And that is no excuse. If you spend a little time on the island, this lightness and the relaxed atmosphere is simply contagious. We offer yoga classes or wellness treatments so that you can return to your centre after an impressive day.

It is best to convince yourself that your desired event is in the best hands with us and contact us without obligation. We look forward to your ideas and listen to what is important to you.