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Benefit from a coaching on Majorca – whether professionally or personally – and emerge strengthened from a training for head and soul. Do you sharpen your skills as a manager in group or individual sessions, do you expand your linguistic competence or do you refine your expression and voice during coaching in Mallorca in order to entertain and convince your audience? We are happy to recommend effective and proven coaching methods for different phases of life, for growth and development.

In the sunny, warm atmosphere of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, coaching sessions promote a very individual, strong motivation that makes life and work much easier. Get to know finer techniques in dealing with language and other people and master future challenges with confidence in yourself and your competence. You can also combine your seminar trip to Mallorca with holidays and relaxation.

In addition to individual coaching on Mallorca, which can be tailored to your needs or to the requirements of your company and its employees (please contact us here), you may also be enthusiastic about one of our following offers:

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Do you have to speak to people on many occasions, in public or at presentations and lectures in front of a large podium? Or do you want to impress your customers? The Vocal Key is a coaching on Mallorca by Claudia Nagyivan, a professional voice trainer, who will teach you special language techniques to use your voice optimally, so that you emit a natural charisma and present authentic self-confidence.


An ancient shamanic teaching from Polynesia, which is not concerned with teaching you techniques to apply, but allows you to understand the background of these methods and discover the origin of your strengths.

Coaching to purify your own language. Just as a messy apartment tells its guests a lot about your personality, an unkempt language also reveals a lot about us. Many celebrities have already demonstrated at public appearances that this can cost a lot of money and reputation if you use your language carelessly as an everyday tool in business life.


In this 5-part workshop you will learn how well-being affects productivity, how important good collaboration is, how to move from boss to leader and how to prioritize your strengths and resources.

Take a break in a 500 year old finca in the north-east of Mallorca. This coaching promotes stress reduction, balance and well-being and trains you in parallel to continue using these techniques after the coaching.


By researching employee behavior, Google has discovered that there are so-called “segmentors” who simply switch off after work and enjoy life. Unfortunately, this only affects a little less than a third of all employees. By far the greater part belongs to the “integrators” who, due to the additional burden of increasing accessibility, suffer more and more from constant readiness and cannot let go. In this coaching we share with you various methods and why it makes sense to support such employees.