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HUNA means “secret knowledge” in ancient Polynesian shamanism, whose records show amazing parallels to the latest findings in psychology and brain research. Shamanism works independently of religions or science with spirits and essences, thus the being itself. Many reject what they cannot understand. But fortunately one rarely has to understand how something works as long as it works, when we know how to use it effectively.

Some principles of our actions are based on HUNA, such as Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Become Rich” goal-setting processes. Many coaches teach how to use techniques to press the right buttons on the keyboard to create the most useful functions. They often only pass on knowledge they have learned themselves. So you learn what you use, you are a user. In this coaching on Mallorca you learn the connections behind the keyboard, the basic principles of the buttons. You will become a technician – because as soon as you understand the background, you don’t need anyone to explain the application to you anymore. The right buttons are revealed to you through a basic understanding of all functions.

This coaching follows the 7 shamanic principles:

The world is what we think it is for
There are no limits
Energy follows attention
Now is the moment of power
Loving means to be happy with …
All power comes from within
Effectiveness is the measure of truth

It’s not about showing you how strong you are, or teaching you how to use strength. It’s about finding the origin of your strengths. Because if you know the origin, you will grow from a user to a technician and will not have to hire someone else, as in the example above. You can act with your understanding of technology and grow with your experiences in it.

Much of this coaching will sound spiritual or magical. Much you will not be able to grasp immediately with your mind. And your scepticism will often admonish you. But also all this is a matter of the mind. Are you open for new things? Let’s take a smartphone to the beginning of modern times and show it to Leonardo da Vinci and Pope Alexander VI. The conservative would immediately have us burned as heretics, while the inventor would enthusiastically study this new tool and probably use it soon. And yet this “witchcraft” is today an essential part of our everyday life. We want you to reinvent yourself in this coaching and approach it openly before you judge.

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