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If you feel stressed in your work, you lack appreciation and you think that you cannot live out your strengths, then you are not alone. In many companies such missmatches of personality and workplace can be found. Even if you are an entrepreneur, Randall Birnberg, an American educator and psychologist for over 30 years, will show you why you not only have the choice, but should also use it for the best of all parties involved.

Because it is all too logically tangible that a motivated employee who receives confirmation and support is not only more productive, but also participates healthier and happier in business life – and also spreads this message to his business partners. This coaching on Mallorca shows entrepreneurs how much more effective motivation and encouragement is than stress and pressure. And to you as employees we show ways how you can use such insights of positive psychology for yourself to reach personal milestones and avoid a burnout.

Every satisfied employee is a stable stone in the foundation of a company. A high fluctuation not only prevents the development of professional competence, but ultimately also the development of the entire company structure. How far you can get as an entrepreneur, if you do not have to constantly improve the foundation, but can use your resources for further development, you will experience, if your employees become real employees instead of a human resource.

In the following 5 innovative and interactive THINK-INs, you will get to know Randall Birnberg’s science of positive psychology by coaching them all in Mallorca. He will teach you with practical exercises in an open, friendly environment how to integrate these THINK-INs into everyday life as habits.

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  1. It’s Your Choice

This THINK-IN is exceptional. It gives you insight into positive psychology in the workplace. We show you how to create a work ethic of well-being instead of stimulating stress. This increases not only mood, but also productivity.
High spirited employees like to help the whole team and this positive mood is also noticed by the customer. This increases productivity and makes employees feel that they are making a difference at work. Those who enable their employees to reach their own milestones will also receive loyal support at the company’s milestones.
During this THINK-IN, you will also learn an original Buddhist technique to perceive the “now”. This enables you to focus your thoughts on the moment and increases intelligence, self-perception and dealing with challenging situations. In addition, the resulting serenity strengthens memory. The following well-known companies specifically promote employees with such courses: Apple, Google, Mckinsey & Company, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Astra Zeneca, General Mills and Aetna.

  1. Positive self-management

This THINK-IN takes you into the depths of positive psychology, the science of happiness and well-being. Positive Psychology is an evidence-based science that deals with what you can do well and better with in life. This includes getting to know one’s own strengths as well as their efficient use in everyday life. You would also not use a Ferrari for ploughing fields. A good manager knows how to assign his employees to the right tasks in order to give everyone a suitable challenge. If you learn to assess your own strengths correctly, you can also communicate this constructively and positively to your team. In this way, everyone achieves their best performance for the successful implementation of common goals. In this THINK-IN you will receive practical “takeaways” to implement the new concepts in your everyday life.

  1. Positive selling

This THINK-IN emphasises the benefits of a positive sales team and through this part of the coaching on Mallorca you will learn more about the contagious external impact that Positive Psychology triggers in the sales team. Salespeople who showed empathy and emotion achieved a much more intense connection with the customer and therefore achieved better results. Through their own well-being, salespeople can really stand behind the product they are advertising. Also included in this THINK-IN are techniques for the right Small Talk in the sales talk, which you can simply take along and integrate into your everyday business life. Learn how to create and implement win/win situations through the correct use of eye contact, compliments and sharing of common experiences for yourself and your customers.


  1. Positive intercultural communication

In this THINK-IN you will learn how positive psychology can also be used in other cultures. This seminar content will show you what a difference it can make in the corporate world to know how to treat business partners from all over the world in a respectful and positive way. If you can receive your guests in their comfort zone and act as a guest without misunderstandings, you will be welcomed much more authentically and sympathetically. You learn not only to accept the differences through increased tolerance, but to use them for the common goal.

  1. Positive Minimalism

This THINK-IN works on your attitude to life. We bring you closer to the concept of minimalism. If you focus all your resources on the essentials, keep only the most important things and sort out everything that is superfluous, many goals are within reach. This concept teaches you to prioritize the essential. “What do I really need?” and “What can I put away?” But this is not primarily about ownership. Applied to the workplace and throughout life, it can give you more time, energy and freedom to focus on what really requires your attention. No matter if your workplace, your home or your head: as soon as everything that is not needed is off the table, you can freely develop the prioritized plan. In this THINK-IN you will take techniques with you on your own personal path, which will help you to concentrate on the essentials in the future. Making qualitative use of your resources is one of the keys to financial success and personal freedom.

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