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Do you have to speak to people on many occasions, in public or at presentations and lectures in front of a large podium? Or do you want to impress your customers? The Vocal Key is a coaching on Mallorca by Claudia Nagyivan, a professional voice trainer, who will teach you special language techniques to use your voice optimally, so that you emit a natural charisma and present authentic self-confidence.

You will certainly be aware of how much a sympathetic and melodic voice influences your environment. For politicians and salesmen the voice is even the most important tool at all. Those who can talk charismatically and convincingly will be able to bring their words into the heads and hearts of the listeners without already failing at the ears. The voice, however, is also influenced by external events. Learn in this seminar on Mallorca important techniques for posture, breathing, emphasis, vocalization and appearance. You will quickly notice that a safe handling of your voice and appearance gives you more self-confidence – which in turn has a positive effect on vibrancy and charisma.

The goals that you pursue together with Claudia Nagyivan, a professionally trained ballet dancer, opera singer, singing teacher and wedding speaker for free weddings on Mallorca, are a better understanding of your own voice, a targeted use of body, voice and breath as well as an optimization of voice resonance and expression. Effective, practical exercises also improve your self-confident, positive appearance in front of your fellow human beings.

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